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Don’t separate Safety and Wellness

This is an interesting article about a common approach to safety and wellness as separate things. Safety and wellness should be united in your company in order to create a culture that includes both.





Thumbtack Review

Thumbtack sent me an email to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing them.

I have been a Thumbtack user for several years –  both to find service providers and as a pro.

Their platform, when used properly, can help you build a solid base for almost any business. I highly recommend it to small businesspeople who are looking to establish themselves in their local markets.



Let’s define heart healthy

In terns of heart health, substituting cauliflower for carbs seems like a great idea (I’m gluten-free, so these recipes interest me for other reasons). I clicked a few of them, though, and the sheer amount of fat involved in these recipes negates any weight benefit most people would see from skipping the carbs, and certainly most of the cardiac health benefits.

This is a common problem with fad recipes and diets – when you take away one source of flavor – like fat – and your palate will ask you to replace it with another source of flavor, like sugar or salt.

That’s why eating fresher food in moderation is a better diet plan than 98% of what of the advice you get. Fresh foods are not packaged, moderate serving guides are easy to find – A serving of meat is the size of your palm. A Blooming Onion, on the other hand, is a day and a half’s worth of calories and 4 DAYS worth of fat.

I have a cauliflower recipe with almost no calories – steam it, blend half with a little broth, pour the blended half over the chunks and bake it for 20 minutes. It’s rich and delicious and has about 20 calories a serving.

Feel free to try one of these very tasty looking cauliflower recipes – please let me know how they go. Just remember that if the cheese to cauliflower ratio is 3:1, it probably isn’t helping your heart.